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This lyrical enchantment, created by the magician Robert Lepage at the head of Ex Machina, captivated the Aix-En-Provence festival administered by the Opera de Lyon in 2010.

What an absolute joy, ten years later, to rediscover the magic of costumes and lights which showcase the musicians, singers, actors, puppeteers and figurines(75 in total) as they evolve through the river theatre (7000 litres of water fill the orchestra pit), flooded with shadow play!

Act I
Every evening the fisherman retrieves his nets admiring and listening to the Nightingale’s melodious singing. Led by the Cook, the Chamberlain, the Bonze and the Courtisans go in search of the bird to extend the Monarch’s invitation to come and sing in his palace.

Act II
Having sung before the Emperor, the Nightingale flees the palace upon the arrival of three emissaries sent by the Emperor of Japan to gift the Monarch a mechanical nightingale.

The Emperor withers away in his bedroom, at Death’s door. He calls for his musicians, but only the Nightingale returns. From then on, every night, the Nightingale will sing until dawn. As the curtain falls, one can hear the wistful Fisherman, celebrating the “Voice from Heaven”.

Works of Art
Ragtime Orchestre de l’Opéra de Lyon
Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo ND
Pribaoutki Mairam Sokolova
Berceuses du chat Mairam Sokolova
Two Poems of Constantin Balmont Yulia Pogrebnyak
Four Russian Peasants Songs Women’s choir, Opéra de Lyon

Co-production: Opéra National de Lyon, Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, Canadian Opera Company, De Nationale Opera (Amsterdam).
With the partnership of Ex Machina (Quebec).

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