08 february 2022

  • Grand Foyer
  • 15 €
  • Pass châtelet

When he composed his Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano in 1982, György Ligeti conceived it “as a tribute to Brahms, whose Horn Trio (1865) floats in the musical skies as an incomparable example. However, there is no quotation from or influence of Brahms’ music in my piece; my Trio was written towards the end of the 20th century, and, by its construction and expression, is music of our time.”

In this musical dialogue spanning the centuries, we discover the common preoccupations of the two men, particularly for Hungarian folk music, its polymetric rhythms and its contrasting forms.

Between these two trios, will be performed an unexpected interlude with a short, cult work by Gérard Grisey, the strange Stèle for two percussionists.

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