Director – Théâtre du Châtelet (Paris)

In your capacity as director, it will be your responsability to design and carry out the artistic and cultural plan of the Théâtre du Chatelet, in the context of the strategic alignment approved by the board of directors. The Théâtre will provide you with all of its resources in order for you to act, in accordance with the budget granted. Your project will have to include a plan pertaining to value-for-money issues, in terms of implementing new box office strategies as well as a dedicated platform focused on patronage and valorisation. You will also be expected to work on the optimisation of running costs.

The association signs conventions with the Ville de Paris, which entitles it to:

– make use of the premises and of the brand of the Théâtre du Châtelet, – receive annual grants enabling it to balance its production costs and to, when needed, compensate for a part of its investment needs.

The association employs a team of 110 FTE divided into technical and administrative departments, completed by artistic and occasional technical teams according to the projects submitted.


In this framework, the director proposes a programme focusing on the production and hosting of stage shows, most notably musicals, following in the wake of the Châtelet’s history while abiding by an exceptional heritage. In other words, it is their job to make sure the Châtelet remains a gold standard in musical theatre, and at the same time, to adapt it to suit the artistic issues of our time.

After a troubled period, partly caused by the pandemic, the main priority is to develop and implement a long-term strategy leading to asserting a strong and recognised identity for the Théâtre.

With this in mind, and according to the multidisciplinary approach of the Théâtre, the director will have to propose a programme destined to host a very wide range of artistic expressions and incorporate projects including a digitally extended running time, in order to extent the performance space towards the younger generations accustomed to screens, hybrabridisation, and to “polychronic” behaviours.

In order to inspire a broader and meaningful vision and to forge trust ties with the citizens, the editorial policy of the programme will have to embed each proposal into a greater story slowly built over the course of time, consistent and easily recognisable, while striving towards an idea of inclusivity which will be respectful of the plurality of the spectators and of artistic movements.

In accordance to this commitment to openness, artistic bridges are yet to be imagined in relation to the Théâtre de la Ville whose artistic project is clearly defined, enabling the creation of a meeting place on the place du Châtelet, where people of all origins and generations are welcome to share and pass on ideas.

From this perspective, the director will have to think about the implementation of never seen before artistic practices; the creation of a master’s degree in French musical theatre could be a crux in the matter. The Théâtre du Châtelet must become the place of origin of a new generation of artists, composers, and musicians. In the future, they will contribute to the cultural influence of the Ville de Paris in the World.

The director will also implement ecologically responsible artistic projects whose impact on the environment will be controlled, and will act as a link between the programme of the Théâtre du Châtelet and ecological issues. Generally speaking, they will suggest a global strategy in terms of sustainable development that could in the long run bring an ISO 20121 certification to the Théâtre. The objective of the director is to form partnerships on a Parisian, national, and global scale towards facilitating co-productions and the circulation of the shows.


Candidates must:

– have a significant experience in project management/management of large-scale cultural facilities, and an international experience

– have a daring cultural vision and a great sensitivity to the public in the perspective of proposing a popular and inclusive musical programme

– be interested in managerial issues, which will be essential in bringing the internal staff together around their project

Particular attention will be paid to the candidates’ capacity to include the project of the Théâtre du Châtelet in the cultural everyday life of Parisians while developing its influence on the global scale.


Applications will be sent to the attention of President Xavier Couture, on the 09/09.2022 at the latest, to the following address : Théâtre du Châtelet, 2 rue Edouard Colonne 75001 Paris, and/or by email (

Applications must come with a statement of artistic intent explaining in details the postulant’s aspiration and project (as well as its financing) that will befit the required level of one of the biggest musical theatres in France.

A jury will gather in order to shortlist candidates based on their applications. Said applications will then be examined by the selection committee, and may lead to individual interviews that will be held before the 30th of September 2022.

The final decision will be given in October 2022.

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