While waiting for the reopening of the theaters...

Spectator information

Dear spectators,
We are happy to be able to see you again in May, in accordance with the President's announcement of April 30 (health conditions permitting). We will be announcing our end-of-season program very soon and will keep you informed of the reception and reservation conditions. If you have any questions, you can contact the public relations department at relations-publiques@chatelet.com.



M. Sébastien Bazin

M. Matthieu Pigasse

M. Jean-François Dubos

M. Sébastien Veil

Honnor president
M. André Larquié

Mme Célia Blauel
M. Patrick Bloche
Mme Alice Coffin
Mme Alexandra Cordebard
Mme Mercedes Erra
M. Pascal Houzelot
Mme Brigitte Kuster
M. Michel Orier
Mme Natacha Valla
M. Ariel Weil
M. Léon Cligman *
M. Jean Maheu *
M. Pierre Médecin *


General director
Thomas Lauriot Dit Prevost

Production director
Christophe Bezzone

Human ressorces director
Frédéric Ivernel

General Secretary
Anne Rubinstein

Technical director
Violaine Crespin

Chief accountant
Sylvie Boutet

Head of developpment
Monia Triki

General and artistic direction

Executive assistants
Jérome Chaumond
Aurélien Coche
Anne McDougall
Muriel Denis

Johanna Bourdon

Information system
Maria Elena Santaella Morales

In charge of IT resources
Christine Pecriaux

Production départment

Artistic production managers
Brigitte Girardet
Sophie Peltier Le Dinh
Ioannis Krommidas


Executive Attaché – in charge of artistic missions
Jean-Philippe Delavault

General secretariat

Assistant to the General Secretary
Carole Chareton

Responsible for historical and cultural heritage
Olivier Lefebvre

Responsible for editorial content
Timothée Chaine

Service de presse

Responsable du service de presse
Edouard Dagher

Attachée de presse
Lisa Richard


Chef de service de l’accueil du public
Dimitra Zorgiannou

Attachée à l’accueil du public
Karen Peraldi

Contrôleur d’accueil
René Doreau

Claude La Sala

Communication Manager
Florence Fontaine

Graphic, video and web design manager
Thomas Amouroux

Communication Officer
Thibault Prioul

Relations avec le public

Responsable de la commercialisation
Mickaël Rolland

Coordinatrice du système d’information et de la base de données GRC
Sung Hee Hong

Chargés des ventes et du développement avec le public
Alexandra Malgras
Guillaume Combier
Muriel Faugeroux

Technical services

Head of enginering
Thomas Lauret


Event general stage manager
Séverine Ferrier

Production stage management
Dominique Mounerat

Stage and orchestra management
Sylvain Becamel

Estefania Castro

Manager apprentice
Léa Coquet-Vaslet

Stage technics

Head of stage
Maxime Gatto

Chief fly operator
Frédéric Picard

Associate Head of stage
Matthieu Le Breton
Julien Roche 

Stage technicians
Christophe Baudelot
Thierry Carceles
Laurent Carene
Pauline Coulon
Boumediene Djeriou
Brian Mayaudon

Fly operators
Romain Lejbowicz
Hugues Vogel
Florence Dallemagne


Head of costume shop
Valérie Mahjoubi

Associate head of costumes
Coralie Auzou

Vanessa Brochant


Head of wardrobe
Sylvie Ayrault

Associate head of wardrobe
Pascale Minetti

Wardrobe technician
Melissa Karim

Wigs & makeup

Head of wigs & makeup
Marie Pierre Bureau Du Colombier

Associate technical directors
Camille Labelle

Technical dept. budget / planning
Héléna Delmas-Pastor

Technical dept. administratice assistant
Corinne Bastide
Margaux Pénet


Head of lighting
Renaud Corler

Associate head of lighting
Christophe Leuba
Bernard Maby

Frédéric Bialas
Emmanuel Nechaouni
Dominique Ossou
Jérémy Priam
Christine Ragou
Franck Sallard


Head of sound
Stéphane Oskeritzian

Associate head of sound
Cyril Auclair

Sound engineer
Léonard Françon


Head of props
Florence Marques

Scenic shop

Head of scenic shop
William Parlon

Scene shop administrative associate
Nathalie GiacomoRégine Soulier

Chief of construction, metal
Antonio De Freitas Carvalho

Associate head of scene shop
Joseph Rupp

Direction du développement

Assistant to the Director of Development
Mathilde Andrieux

Patronage Projects Coordinator
Louison Bergman


Head of Audience Development
Marina Benoist

Administrative services

Chief Operating Officer
Gérard Alcabas

Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
Corine Watrin

Operations Manager
Siham Guettaoui

Security Team Leader
Thiemoko Traore

Theater and Operations Technical Officer
Sylvain Ladj

Responsible for the commercialization of the spaces
Annabelle Alexandre

Event coordination
Gaëlle Lordinot Ranlin

Véronique Leprêtre
Anne-Marie Vigneron


Ressources humaines

Responsable RH
Sallia Mendy

Gestionnaire administrative RH
Patricia Simon

Responsable paie
Clarence Pellerin Diouf

Adjointe à la Responsable paie
Nathalie Seret

Responsable Prévention et RSE
Nathalie Giacomo

Responsable de la commercialisation des espaces
Annabelle Alexandre

Responsable de la coordination événementielle
Gaëlle Lordinot Ranlin

Véronique Leprêtre
Anne-Marie Vigneron


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