22 october 2021
20h00 21h00

  • Grande Salle
  • from 18 to 35 €
  • Pass châtelet

23 october 2021
20h00 21h00

  • Grande Salle
  • from 18 to 35 €
  • Pass châtelet

This world premiere by composer Joan Magrané Figuera is an adaptation of Maurice Maeterlinck’s 1894 short play of the same title.

In an “old garden planted with willows“, in front of a happy family house where the evening peace reigns, an old man and a stranger hesitate before the door, unable to knock. They are the messengers of a terrible piece of news: one of the family’s daughters has drowned in the river. How to tell them about such a tragedy? “I fear the silence that follows the last words announcing a misfortune”, says the old man.

In this piece, we perceive an extreme and necessary tenderness, the setting up of an ideal community that takes on the pain and suffering of others, in particular a family that has been shaken by a terrible tragedy, but does not yet know it. I amplify the gaze outside the house, guided by the voice of the narrator, in which all the characters of the original text have settled, to go towards an interior of the mind, a perspective of impulses, which is charged with the light and shade of the atmospheric music that Joan Magrané has composed for this creation.

Silvia Costa

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