A moment of silence in Liberté Cathédrale… and lots of music, sounds that cross us, transpierce us. The bells, the great organs, and even the singing in the echoing architecture of the churches pierce bodies and the air. Even the surrounding towns vibrate: the stained glass windows, the church stones, the bells “emerge out of” the church. Sometimes you have to stick to an instinctive idea: that the chaos of the ringing of the bells is a great piece of music to dance to. There’s an idea that there is a kind of contemporary assembly that could be choreographed to organs played fortissimo. The idea that freedom and cathedral can go hand in hand.
Boris Charmatz

This show features a special stage set-up. The orchestra seats are replaced by bleachers all around the stage.
For more information and advice, the public relations team is available at or by telephone on 01 40 28 28 40.

With the support of Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels

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