19 december 2020

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Barbara Carlotti has established her name in French pop in five demanding albums that have defined the colors and sounds of her universe influenced by English pop and racy French songs (from Gainsbourg to Daho).

The artist has in turn donned the costumes of director, journalist, musical comedy writer or cabaret presenter, but it is with a new album that she returns to us today. Its title “Corse île d’amour” immediately brings out images, perfumes, flavors and sounds of this Mediterranean island where Barbara Carlotti draws her origins. Corsica, from where her family originates and where she has spent every summer since her early childhood, flows in her veins and in her heart. She irrigates her songs, clarifies her phrasing and sharpens her voice.

Today, Barbara Carlotti invites us to follow her on a new journey. A journey to the heart of the Corsican repertoire, varied and melodious, whose notes resonated in the streets of the village that were home to her shopping and child’s games. Her father hummed popular songs from the 60s which carried the nostalgia of the island exiles. Later, mythical groups such as Canta U Populu Corsu, spearheading the riacquistu, a movement of “reappropriation” of cultural heritage, offered him their deep and harmonious voices.

Yet, until now, Barbara Carlotti had not explored the impact of these sweet memories on her music, nor even her immense desire to share this heritage with a wider audience. In this 6th album, she affirms this unfailing link and transforms it into a bridge between the shores of Corsica and those of the world.

” Corse île d’amour ” is a carnal and spiritual alliance of musicians who are close to the singer, Corsican musicians and voices, traditional instruments or natural sounds captured in the maquis, near the rivers, as well as by the sea. Homage to the Corsican singers, to her family, to her compatriots, to all those whom the island has bewitched and invitation for those who dream to discover it, this 6th album is above all, a magnificent declaration of love and sharing. Sensitive, moving, delicate, pop, sometimes psychedelic, ” Corse île d’amour ” is a window open on a lush valley, where our hearts unite with the melodies of yesterday and today.

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