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    15 november 2021

    • Grande Salle
    • from 10 to 75 €

    The love marriage sorcerer of the low tones of Imany and eight cellos.

    With Voodoo Cello, the singer Imany casts a spell on eight cellos to transform some of the greatest hits of pop history (from Ed Sheeran to Cat Stevens, Donna Summer, Hozier, t.A.t.u., Bob Marley, Elton John, Neil Diamond…). Without any artifice, she uses the combined magic of the strings and her voice to bewitch the audience and awaken their consciences around the power of the feminine.

    For the past ten years, Imany’s deep voice has been seducing the French public with compositions nourished by her soul, folk and blues inspirations. From the triumph of the two singles Don’t be so shy and You Will Never Know, his two albums to the soundtrack of the film Sous les jupes des filles, Imany’s success has taken him all over the world. After a break following long international tours, Imany returns to the stage to combine his voice with the warm sounds of a cello ensemble: this is a meeting we couldn’t miss.

    A concert conceived and arranged by Imany
    Choreography Thierry Thieû Niang
    Lighting creation François Menou
    Visual creation Eugenio Recuenco
    Costumes Olivier Rousteing (Balmain)

    Evening in support of ENDOMIND
    Endomind “Let’s act together against endometriosis”

    This is not just a feminist cause, it is a humanist cause that concerns our mothers, sisters, wives, co-workers, best friends who are denied the right to a normal life. With the Endomind Association let us fight and find solutions against Endometriosis…

    Imany Ambassador Endomind

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