The current exclusionary and depressed public discourse seems to be pushing us towards the renunciation of a collective dream. The “I” takes precedence over the “We”… and yet, it would appear that a creative work can act as a paradigm for re-enchantment. And this is the very basis of D’un Rêve. Seeking inspiration from Martin Luther King who, during the March on Washington, launched his famous “I have a dream”, D’un rêve proposes a reflection on individuality and the notion of the collective.

I want to build an artistic proposal at the crossroads of genres, by composing a form where music and dance harmonise while blurring the space-time reference points. Inspired by musicals of different periods, which illustrate community rivalries, exacerbated sentimentality, tragic love affairs and social problems, D’un rêve is a danced comedy which, in its own way, digs into political and social issues, from here and elsewhere.

Salia Sanou

“D’un Rêve” Teaser from Compagnie Salia Sanou on Vimeo.

Dans le cadre des saisons du Théâtre de la Ville Hors les murs et du Théâtre Châtelet

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