26 november 2020

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  • Free of charge

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Marta Gardolińska, Direction
Marina Chamot-Leguay, Flute
Philippe Hersant, Dreamtime for flute and orchestra
Gabriel Fauré, Masques et Bergamasques

Some quick lunches are more enjoyable than a gastronomic dinner, just like lunch-time concerts have a different appeal than that of great symphonic events… In close collaboration with the Théâtre du Châtelet, these concerts give you the keys to listen to, and enjoy, music differently and casually. On the programme: Two different works of art, with a presentation and a mediator-led discussion which will give you an insight on the musical composition. The idea is simple, a contemporary work of art -often a creation- is performed and then followed by an exchange with the composer or one of the performers. It is then performed again to be discovered differently. “We often don’t hear much when listening to a complex piece of music for the first time. What’s probably missing isn’t comprehension but memory” wrote Proust. The memory recall occurs in the second part, as a famous composition of the repertoire is performed, mirroring the previous work of art. An event that will spark your vivid curiosity and invite music into your daily life!”

Lola Gruber


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